Recruitment illustration - 5 silhouettes in cyberspaceYou may have heard of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), but what exactly is the difference between RPO and traditional recruiting? The biggest difference it that RPO doesn’t end after filling an open position. An RPO partner works with an organization’s recruiting process as a whole and looks at turnover rates, technology, how much time it takes to fill a position and much more. Sound interesting? That’s where Contemporaries can help. Contemporaries is not just a staffing firm, but we can work with you as an RPO partner, determining your specific hiring needs and objectives and helping you build a stronger business.

As the economy and business climate have changed, so has the challenge of recruiting and hiring the right candidates. The process of attracting and hiring new talent for open positions can be time-consuming and costly. It requires keeping up with new recruiting technology and social media, developing relationships with successful candidates, asking the right questions, conducting background checks and so much more. When the recruiting process is outsourced to specialists, it enables you to find the talent you need without distracting you and your staff from your day-to-day activities. Here are a few other advantages:

  • Help With Rapid Growth: An RPO partner is ready to handle periods of growth and can have a proactive plan in place for seasonal shifts or projected growth patterns.
  • Reduced Costs: An RPO partner can scale up or scale down recruitment activity to match your fluctuating needs. This lowers overall costs for your agency.
  • Improved Turnover Rates: When recruiting is outsourced, it leads to highly qualified candidates who are compatible with your organization’s needs and culture. They’re more likely to stay in the position and that eliminates high turnover costs for your office!

When it comes to attracting and hiring new talent for open positions, the process can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s time to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to help streamline and simplify your hiring practices. Contemporaries is based in the DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland region, so we understand the unique challenges that accompany finding top-level talent in the area. Call us today at 301-565-0445.