Our Mission

Contemporaries’ mission is to deliver efficient and effective support solutions to meet the needs of our clients and in turn, enable them to pursue and achieve their business goals.

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A leader in providing strategic support solutions to the federal government, Contemporaries was founded in 1991 and continues to provide streamlined and expert services to federal agencies.

As a Woman-Owned Small Business, we consistently leverage our experience and expertise to anticipate our clients needs and advance their critical programs, realizing the maximum productivity and peak performance for every individual and project. At Contemporaries, every employee, contractor, and client is a part of the family, and for us, family comes first.

Our Work Ethic

We have a distinct set of core principles that guide us in pursuit of our goals. We believe these qualities make us a stronger, more reliable company when it comes to selecting a contracting firm.


We focus on staying current and competitive by adapting to industry standards and researching our clients’ ever-evolving needs. We welcome change as an opportunity for growth, and a chance to broaden our present and future solution capabilities.


Our employees are the heart and soul of our company. We take the time to carefully select each member of our team. We provide each employee with the respect and support they need to be successful in the workplace by offering a range of benefits from healthcare and 401K investments, to short-term and long-term disability coverage and life insurance. By fostering our employees in such a way, we believe our employees are better integrated into a diverse range of client workspaces.


With over 30 years of experience providing solutions to federal organizations, we know what it takes to create successful partnerships between our employees and our clients. More importantly, it is our experience that allows us to promptly provide the correct resources and professional needs to our clients so that they may pursue their own mission and goals.


Every day, we evaluate our own integrity. Its importance cannot be emphasized enough. We remain constant in our application of upstanding morals and principles we apply to help clients get the support they need. These high standards help us strengthen and expand our mutually beneficial business relationships.

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When it comes to attracting and hiring new talent for your organization, the process can be overwhelming. 

We have a unique database of top talent. And we have a keen understanding of government agencies and the federal contractor community. Let’s set up a time to talk about your organization and support solutions.

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