Human Capital Solutions Provided By Contemporaries

Your workforce is constantly changing, especially in the federal government sector. Keeping up with new laws and understanding the legal interpretation of existing laws is critical to your organization. Contemporaries is a fully informed organization and can provide strategic recommendations for effectively utilizing your current federal workforce.

Our in-depth knowledge makes us the perfect partner to handle all your human capital solutions needs. By working with us, you can feel confident that we will adhere to fair hiring practices and leverage our staff of federal hiring experts to reach your strategic and operational goals.

Human Capital Solutions

The Complexity of Human Capital Services in the Federal Government

It’s virtually impossible for most federal agencies to be fully informed of various areas relating to human capital services. In today’s world, issues related to budgets, employee demographics, and even COVID-19 have radically changed the way the federal government manages its workforce. That’s why you should have a human capital services partner to help overcome these challenges.

The ability to pivot when needed, to provide information critical to an employee or group, to address staffing growth, and myriad other duties, are critical to the retention of employees and the health of a federal agency’s culture.

Contemporaries Fills The Gaps in Federal Human Capital Services

What do you need? As your partner, you can choose the services you need. And these services can fluctuate. 

You may find yourself in a situation you have not experienced. Your organization may have a growth spurt. Your benefits manager may be out on maternity leave. Whatever the circumstances are, we can help. Here is a list of the Human Capital Services we provide to organizations:

Assessment Testing

Finding the top talent, without bias, and enabling predictability of on-the-job success.


To have a successful workflow, effectively training federal employees is a must. Our collaborative approach encourages engagement and galvanizes the employee to proper execution.

Human Resources Complexities

Contemporaries has the ability to address hiring, firing, training and other human resource needs. We also offer strategic workforce planning where we analyze your progress towards your human capital goals.

Staffing Concerns

We help solve staffing issues, even during a hiring freeze. We’re experts in attracting long-term federal contractors and streamlining the onboarding process — even for the hardest positions to fill.

Benefit Options and Administration

Even this one area of human resources services can be extremely complex. We are able to organize and administer your benefit options seamlessly.

Worker’s Compensation Liability

Contemporaries can manage your coverage effectively.

Criminal Background Checks

We reduce the onboarding process by doing preliminary background checks.

H-1B Visa

At Contemporaries, we can sponsor an H-1B Visa for highly educated foreign professionals to work in specialty occupations that require at least a bachelor's degree or the equivalent. Please reach out if you qualify for this temporary visa.

We’d like to work with you

Federal organizations of all sizes have unexpected needs or untapped potential for improvement. Let us help fill in the human capital service gaps as needed.


Contemporaries has consistently been able to provide [our agency] with an adequate pool of candidates, prescreening for skill level and accomplishments. Management [in our department] has expressed confidence in the way the contractor provides quick response to the need for new or replacement applicants.

The level of general knowledge and experience in the offered candidates is very good. Throughout the period of this contract, Contemporaries has been proactive and very efficient in handling concerns from [our office]. They have acted quickly to work with the employee to resolve these concerns when they arise.

This temporary contract has enabled [our office] to continue to provide valuable service to our [customers] without interruption of services. The management of Contemporaries has always been helpful and accommodating and continues to refer only the most professional and efficient candidates possible.

Our other Government Staffing solutions

We are happy to work with our clients as partners, asking the right questions to determine your specific hiring needs and objectives. As a result, Contemporaries helps you build a stronger organization. Take a look at our offerings.

Staffing Support Solutions

Workforce solutions and talent acquisition have undergone dynamic changes in the last decade. Highly skilled, talent-rich and purpose-driven individuals are often freelancers. Many of the organizations we work with understand the benefits of this workplace acquisition process and turn to savvy human solution companies, like Contemporaries, to find these top professionals.

Program Management Solutions

These solutions ensure a well-defined program with support at every level. Program solutions can include:
● Acquisition streamlining
● Government-wide contracts
● Grant management and compliance

Contemporaries can provide experienced professionals who have expertise in various government positions and can be effective from the start. We are your resource to provide the most effective and productive outsourcing skills.

Niche-based Solutions

Contemporaries can also help when you have very specific needs. Our talent database is rich, with resources both domestic and foreign. The more we know about your needs, the better we are at pinpointing the right talent.

The list of positions we can fill is endless, but in general we are happy to provide solutions for:
● Technical specialists
● Scientific and research staff
● Administrative support
● Clerical positions
● Data processing specialists
● General services
● Support positions
● Arts and media specialists
● Budgeting, legal, drafting and research professionals.

Contact Us

When it comes to attracting and hiring new talent for your organization, the process can be overwhelming. 

We have a unique database of top talent. And we have a keen understanding of government agencies and the federal contractor community. Let’s set up a time to talk about your organization and support solutions.

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