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Project management is at the core of all sectors and levels of government. Tracking deadlines, providing oversight, controlling workflows, sharing files, understanding competencies, following compliance regulations – it can all be daunting.

Especially when it comes to navigating complex government contracts. Project management ensures that work under a contract is on time, within budget, and meets the government’s requirements.Contemporaries has a proven track record of meeting deadlines and providing deliverables on time and under budget.

And yet, detailed program management is key to the success of the program and the project management of the individuals involved. Each aspect of the program is critical to staying on track and achieving the expected results.

Program Management Solutions

Tell us What Project Management Solutions
You’re Looking For

Contemporaries provides staffing solutions specializing in project and program management that cover every area your federal agency is looking for. We understand many projects in the federal space have strict requirements and sometimes limited turnaround times – so finding the right project management partner is critical.

Here are ways we can provide project management solutions.

Federal Project and Program Management Solutions, Such As:

Resource Management:

Contemporaries provides consulting services to assess where resources may be most effectively utilized. Some of these resources may include:

Grants Management, including:

Records Management, including:

How Can We Help Find the Right Federal Project Management Solutions?

The right program management solution is critical to achieving success. One study found that organizations, including government organizations, waste 11.4% of each dollar invested in projects through poor performance.1 Adding the right resources can streamline program management and result in a more effective team and policies. Contemporaries would like to work with you to find the right program management solution.


We have to manage a portion of our office’s function through the use of long-term contracts. Though we have been lucky and had excellent staff, we know that if staff should leave (regardless of the reason) Contemporaries will always provide us with an excellent replacement. The customer service eliminates some of the stresses of staffing transitions.

Our other solutions

We are happy to work with our clients as partners, asking the right questions to determine your specific hiring needs and objectives. We offer more than just project management solutions. As a result, Contemporaries helps you build a stronger organization. //

Take a look at our offerings outside of project management solutions.

Staffing Support Solutions

Workforce solutions and talent acquisition have undergone dynamic changes in the last decade. Highly skilled, talent-rich and purpose-driven individuals are often freelancers. Many of the organizations we work with understand the benefits of this workplace acquisition process and turn to savvy human solution companies, like Contemporaries, to find these top professionals.

Human Capital Solutions

We support your recruiting efforts. Because most program offices are overwhelmed, outsourcing services makes good business sense. Contemporaries can help with the following services:
● Assessment
● Testing
● Training
● Hiring and firing
● Competitive benefit and salary options.

Contemporaries works with your organization to fill gaps in your workforce.

Customized Staffing Solutions

Contemporaries can also help when you have very specific needs. Our talent database is rich, with resources both domestic and foreign. The more we know about your needs, the better we are at pinpointing the right talent.

The list of positions we can fill is endless, but in general we are happy to provide solutions for:
● Technical and medical specialists
● Administrative support
● Clerical positions
● Data processing specialists
● General services and support positions
● Arts and media specialists
● Budgeting, legal, drafting and research professionals.

Contact Us

When it comes to attracting and hiring new talent for your organization, the process can be overwhelming. 

We have a unique database of top talent. And we have a keen understanding of government agencies and the federal contractor community. Let’s set up a time to talk about your organization and support solutions.

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