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Contemporaries offers professional support solutions – specializing in solutions for federal government organizations and large commercial clients. We find the best talent for your Program Support, Acquisition Support, Policy Development and Systems Administrations positions. Our support options range from basic front-desk support to technical and executive support capabilities. The research required to hire new talent for open positions is both time-consuming and costly. Attracting new talent requires an in-depth knowledge of social media, an active lifeline of talented individuals, the ability to nurture these relationships and the expertise to pinpoint the right personality for a particular organization. These are our strengths. And with more than 30 years’ experience in the talent acquisition field, we can make the hiring process shorter, less expensive and more accurate for your organization.
Staffing Solutions

Our solutions are varied

We are happy to work with our clients as partners, asking the right questions to determine your specific hiring needs and objectives. As a result, Contemporaries helps you build a stronger organization. Take a look at our offerings.

Work has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. How we work – at home, in the office, on the road and via teleconferencing – often allows organizations to look globally for the acquisition of talent. The position you are hiring for might also include additional skills or experience you have not had before. And now, with greater reach, we have the opportunity to not only identify talent with the particular skills that would be an asset to your organization, but also to find purpose-driven individuals. These individuals are highly resourceful – people who can make a significant change in your organization.

We support your recruiting efforts. Because most HR departments are overwhelmed, outsourcing services makes good business sense. Contemporaries can help with the following services: assessment, testing, training, payroll, hiring and firing, benefit options and worker’s comp coverage. Contemporaries works with your organization to fill HR gaps.

These solutions ensure a well-defined program with support at every level. Program solutions can include acquisition streamlining, government-wide contracts, grant management and compliance. Contemporaries can provide experienced professionals who have expertise in various government positions and can be effective from the start. We are your resource to provide the most effective and productive outsourcing skills.

Contemporaries can also help when you have very specific needs. Our talent database is rich, with resources both domestic and foreign. The more we know about your needs, the better we are at pinpointing the right talent. The list of positions we can fill is endless, but in general we are happy to provide solutions for technical and medical specialists, administrative support and clerical positions, data processing specialists, general services and support positions, arts and media specialists, as well as budgeting, legal, drafting and research professionals.

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When it comes to attracting and hiring new talent for your organization, the process can be overwhelming. 

We have a unique database of top talent. And we have a keen understanding of government agencies and the federal contractor community. Let’s set up a time to talk about your organization and support solutions.

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