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Small Business Goals

The Biden Administration’s plan to use the federal government’s buying power to advance equity amongst underserved communities is beginning to take shape. The federal government …


Important Changes at the GSA

There are important changes and updates happening at the GSA designed to make it easier for federal decision-makers to buy from companies with GSA schedules. …

a man holding an employee award trophy

May 2022 Employee Awards Event

We presented our employees with the following awards on May 4. Employee Awards: Overachiever – $200 Nneka Oluigbo. Nneka is on assignment at the NIH’s …

smiling employee faces superimposed over a United States image
HR Issues

Human Resources: The Complexity Of Options

Depending on the projects that are looming in your future, the skills you need to fill positions are probably complex. And at each position, there …

colorful puzzle
HR Issues

Filling The Gaps In HR

Your organization is growing and you’d like to hire a new employee or two. However, the time needed to weed through resumes, schedule and conduct …

Federal Contracts

Federal Contractors in Washington DC: Are Your Statements of Work On Point?

When was the last time you really looked at the statements of work for positions within your organization? As your department continues to evolve and …

Staffing Solutions

Contract Employees Can Facilitate A Smooth Running Office

With the dramatic changes in office life over the past few years, it can be even more challenging to keep day-to-day operations organized and running …

Staffing Solutions

Why Working With The Right Staffing Company Matters

After the events and changes that 2021 threw our way, you and your team may be feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you have open positions that you’ve …

business team at international conference
Federal Contracts

Experienced Talent to Help With New and Existing Contracts

Now that 2021 is over, why not get the New Year off to an organized start for any new or existing contracts? From planning to …

Performance evaluation form
HR Issues

Partnering For Performance Reviews

With all the challenges of the past year and a half, performance reviews may be the last thing on your mind and have fallen off …

Casual Businessman Arms Folded
Placement Tips

The Right Employees To Get The Job Done

There’s no question that 2021 has thrown us a lot of curve balls. The continuation of working from home followed by adapting to a return …

colorful illustration of a person planting a to-do list in a large planter
Staffing Solutions

Recruiting and Hiring In A Competitive Market

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and hiring new talent for open positions can be overwhelming. Maybe it’s time to consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) …

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