supportThe support staff in your office can often mean the difference between tasks running smoothly and efficiently or details falling through the cracks. There’s no doubt support staff is often the lifeblood of every workplace and an essential part of daily operations. However, every office has its own distinct set of needs and it’s important that your support staff has the skills and experience to jump on tasks without a steep learning curve. After working extensively with both private and government offices, Contemporaries has identified the skill sets employers need most to increase office productivity. Here are the five most requested support staff skills we encounter:

  • Strong accounting skills: For both private and government support staff, accounting experience is highly requested. Skills such as designing, preparing, and maintaining spreadsheets, assembling data and preparing reports, entering and updating data, and processing invoices and payments are just a few of the skills in demand by employers.
  • Administrative and communication skills: An administrative services professional is often the first line of contact when someone calls or visits an office. That’s why a polished professional with strong communication, interpersonal and listening skills is so vital and sets the tone for your office. From answering and screening phone calls and emails to working with clients and interoffice staff, administrative professionals need strong written and verbal experience.
  • Excellent computer skills: In today’s market, support staff must be comfortable with office software programs, such as spreadsheets, databases, word processing, and presentation software. Experience maintaining electronic calendars, email, and conducting Internet research are also vital.
  • Polished customer service skills: Along with an administrative assistant, customer service is often an outsider’s first glimpse into your company. Workers who have excellent verbal skills, are patient, polite, and highly professional and can get up to speed quickly offer an essential level of support that makes your business look its best.
  • Higher-level project management support: Supporting project management staff requires a worker with excellent organizational and time management skills. Employers need support staff that can track multiple projects, manage priorities, and possess strong problem-solving skills.

Contemporaries can help you assess your support staff needs and help you find experienced and professional staff. We’re here to help and get you started!