graphic of people standing on shorter and longer bars to represent short and long-term employmentThere’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected business operations and day-to-day activities. Many employees continue to work from home and will do so until agencies believe they can safely return to the office. But as life begins to feel more normal, employees are starting to use vacation time. And others may be out on leave for a period of time. In either case, Contemporaries can help you fill positions with experience contractors.

The biggest void in the workplace is often felt when front desk and administrative staff are out of the office. You may even know now that one of these key team members will be out on maternity/paternity or medical leave. Don’t be caught off guard! Contemporaries specializes in human capital needs in the Washington DC area – including Arlington and Fairfax VA, as well as Silver Spring and everywhere in Montgomery County, MD – especially as it pertains to contract employees. We can help by providing highly qualified temporary workers that possess the following key skills you want in front office and administrative support staff:

  • Professionalism. You only have one chance to make a great first impression and when people enter your office, your front desk staff is that important first impression. As the ambassador for your business, front desk staff should be well groomed, have impeccable manners and friendliness and maintain a positive attitude, even while facing a multitude of challenges.
  • Communication. Quality support staff takes the time to listen to customers, handles basic customer service problems and requests and understands the chain of command within an organization in order to escalate any issues they can’t handle.
  • Organization and multi-tasking: Your front desk staff deals with a lot of responsibilities, often simultaneously. With phones ringing, customers walking in the door and staff members needing assistance, the best support staff workers know how to handle the stress with patience and confidence.
  • Strong technical skills: Besides handling complicated phone systems, many support staff workers are also responsible for maintaining schedules and effectively using company software. It’s important that a candidate be familiar and comfortable with technology and a fast learner when faced with new programs.

We may not know what the coming months will bring in terms of office life returning to some sense of normalcy and routine. However, we can look ahead to the future and start planning for assistance if you know a key member of your support staff will be out on leave or vacation. Contemporaries is ready to help you every step of the way! Call us today at 301-565-0445 to discuss your needs.