The National Institutes of Health is looking for an experienced administrative professional to assist at an executive level.

Below is the job description:

  • Provide direct administrative, procedural, and informational resource assistance and support to program staff and/or managers by organizing, collecting, analyzing, and presenting information. Assist with coordination of workflow, and compile and prepare reports.
  • Respond to inquiries concerning projects and activities. Researches information requests, status of projects, and follow up on actions. Conduct library and computer searches of program information, keep management apprised of dates related to appraisals, promotions, awards, extensions, retirements, transfers, separations, training, security, government purchase card, facilities, vehicle, etc.
  • Develop routine plans or schedules, based on defined objectives, determine specific steps, input required, and identify schedule/time required. Support efforts to evaluate and improve the efficiency of programs, receive and review all incoming correspondence, and ensure that Congressional and other sensitive correspondence is handled appropriately.
  • Prepare correspondence, receive all visitors and telephone calls for the supervisor, maintain supervisor’s calendar and schedule appointments, make arrangements for meeting and conferences, and assist in ensuring that space and facilities are utilized appropriately.
  • Make travel arrangements for the office, handle a wide variety of administrative services duties: prepare requisitions, maintain various tracking systems, and control files. Receive requests from other organizations, interact with members of the staff. Implement the records management system for the office and maintain databases for the program.

Necessary Background:

  • NIH Experience strongly preferred.
  • CGE/Concur Travel experience strongly preferred.
  • No less than 3 years of Administrative Assistant experience.
  • Preferred BS or BA degree.
  • Ability to multitask in any work environment.

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