Office life has changed dramatically over the last year. With so many people working from home, it can be even more challenging to keep day-to-day operations organized and running efficiently. You’re probably relying on your office administration staff more than ever to keep everyone on track. A strong administrative team is the communication hub that connects your staff, helps streamline a variety of tasks and frees up time for tackling projects and growing your business. Contemporaries is your professional staffing firm in Silver Spring and throughout the metropolitan area.

If you know one of your administrative staff is going to be on vacation or taking maternity/paternity leave for a longer period of time, it can leave you feeling a little stressed. Fortunately, Contemporaries can help by finding experienced, professional temporary employees that are ready to step in and keep the day-to-day running smoothly. Contemporaries pre-evaluates candidates who are able to fill in for short or long periods of time until your full-time employee returns. If you choose to work with a temporary candidate long-term, it also provides a great opportunity for you to evaluate his/her on-the-job performance if you ever need to fill a similar position in the future.

You may only have a short period of time to find the ideal candidate, but you need them to be a good fit for your business. Contemporaries has a large number of temporary workers with strong administrative skill sets ready to jump right in and keep your office running efficiently. Here are a few of the characteristics we look for in office administrative staff:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Trustworthy with important information
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Ability to manage projects and prioritize time
  • Strong technical skills
  • Ability to handle pressure well
  • Self-motivated and independent

As the vaccine rollout continues to move forward, more and more of your team may be ready to start using vacation time in the coming months. Don’t get caught off guard if one or more of your administrative staff is planning to be out of the office. Call Contemporaries at 301-565-0445 and let’s discuss your needs.