highway and dramatic sky sunsetThe New Year is well underway and by now, you’ve probably had a chance to think about your firm’s goals for the months to come. Is there a particular project you’d like to tackle in 2019 that’s been put on the back burner for too long? Are some of your employees feeling overwhelmed with tasks that keep them from accomplishing long-term objectives? Whatever your goals for 2019, Contemporaries is here to help with highly qualified and professional temporary workers that can ease your employees’ workload and increase productivity. Here are a few areas where we can help:

  • Administrative Assistance: Many managers easily get bogged down in the day-to-day of keeping up with administrative tasks, taking valuable time away from bigger picture goals. The solution is often an experienced administrative assistant to help streamline and organize daily tasks and keep the office running smoothly.
  • Database Maintenance: To avoid the costs of old, out of date, useless data, it’s important to keep your database fresh through regular maintenance, rather than leaving the task for when you have time to “get around to it”. Contemporaries can provide administrative professionals well versed in database work.
  • Accounting Assistance: Tax season is underway and now is the time to get a jump on all the tasks involved sooner rather than later. From help with managing tax files to data entry and customer service support, Contemporaries can find the best fit for your company’s needs.
  • Higher-level Project Management Support: Supporting project management staff requires a worker with excellent organizational and time management skills. Employers need support staff that can track multiple projects, manage priorities, and possess strong problem-solving skills. Contemporaries has temporary workers who can help with every stage of the project management cycle.
  • Assistance in Specialized Areas: Just landed a government contract and need technical help or research assistance? Are you looking for staff with medical office experience? No problem! The Washington DC area is filled with highly specialized businesses and the needs of each are very different. Contemporaries understands the challenges of finding temporary workers with the right experience and specializes in matching the right candidate with the job.

That’s just a sample of where we can help. What’s on your 2019 wish list? Whether you’re looking for assistance with administrative tasks or more specialized work, Contemporaries can help you make 2019 your most productive year ever! We can help with both temporary assistance and permanent placement. Call us at 301-565-0445 and let’s make your 2019 goals a reality.