two people working at a desk with computers, one writing in a notebookYour company’s database is probably something you use daily, but may not think about very often. However, it’s one of your organization’s most vital assets and plays a key role in every aspect of your business. If properly cared for and kept up to date, it’s a gold mine of information that can drive important decisions, provide key customer information, and take your marketing and operations to the next level. But all too often, your database becomes a low priority project because it takes time and resources to update and maintain.

Data is a vital piece of the business success equation. Here are a few key benefits of having a well-designed and current database:

  • Key information is in one place. An efficient database provides a tool where everyone knows where to find the information they need when they need it. The transparency and sharing of information ensures that managers and employees are on the same page when it comes to day-to-day operations and priorities.
  • Quick access to information for critical decisions. Questions such as, “what is the status of open orders?”, “what is our customer retention rate?”, and “what is our lead conversion rate?” can be answered quickly and leads to faster and more effective decision making.
  • Determine the effectiveness of marketing and promotion. Promoting your business can be an expensive endeavor and you want to make sure your dollars are spent in the right places. A database enables you to analyze customer information and generate tailored messaging. It’s a powerful source for driving marketing campaigns and determining their effectiveness. If you use social media, you can stay updated on comments about your business and who is saying them.
  • Consolidate information and link different sources of information together. A database helps you can see important things about your business that may otherwise go unnoticed. For example, you can link your sales records with expense accounts and learn if client entertainment adds up to more closed sales. You can examine which company training events result in greater productivity. It’s a great way to gather information from different areas of your business, bridge them together, and evaluate results.

Contemporaries can help keep your database up-to-date. Despite being a powerhouse for your business, maintaining a database can be a daunting task. To avoid the costs of old, out of date, useless data, it’s important to keep your database fresh through regular maintenance. That’s where Contemporaries can help. Give our temp agency a call at 301-565-0445 and we can provide technical professionals well versed in database work. We’ll help you take your database from a high stress chore to a tool that will propel your business forward.