white king capturing black king in a chess gameThere’s no question that the past year has transformed the way we work and forced us to adapt to a lot of changes. We’re all looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming a new year, despite the uncertainty that still lies ahead. Now is an ideal time to look to the future and what you want to accomplish in 2021. You may have already started your strategic planning or know about future projects in the pipeline, but do you have the manpower to get those projects started and see them through to completion? Contemporaries can work with you to find highly qualified temporary workers that will really boost your firm’s productivity. Here are a few areas where we can help:

  • Administrative Assistance: Experienced administrative assistants help streamline and organize daily tasks and keep the day-to-day operations of the office running smoothly.
  • Accounting Assistance: From help with managing tax files to data entry and customer service support, temporary employees can help get everything organized before tax crunch time arrives.
  • Database Maintenance: Contemporaries can provide administrative professionals well versed in database work to keep this essential part of your business up-to-date.
  • Assistance in Specialized Areas: Need technical help or research assistance with a new government contract? Are you looking for staff with medical office experience? Or maybe you need project management support. Contemporaries can help. The Washington DC area is filled with highly specialized businesses and the needs of each are very different. Contemporaries understands the challenges of finding temporary workers with the right experience and we specialize in matching the best candidate with the job.
  • Help with Leave Coverage: If you know someone in your office is going to be out on maternity/paternity or medical leave, don’t wait until the last minute to fill his/her shoes. Contemporaries can work with you to find a qualified temporary employee, so you don’t lose any time or productivity.

What’s on your 2021 wish list? Whatever your goals, Contemporaries is here to help with highly experienced and professional temporary workers that can ease your employees’ workload and keep projects moving along efficiently. We can help with both temporary assistance and permanent placement. Call us at 301-565-0445 and let’s make your 2021 goals a reality.