Scientific Writer


The person in this position will serve as a science writer supporting the communications, operational, and scientific activities of the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR). OBSSR is responsible for coordinating health-relevant behavioral and social sciences and identifying challenges and opportunities to advance these sciences at the NIH.


Master’s degree required


  • Scientific writing
  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Technical Writing
  • Microsoft Office Suite


  • Prepares scientific and technical materials for publication.
  • Research, write and edit scientific and technical information in a variety of formats, including articles, blog posts, factsheets, one-pagers, brochures, presentations and speeches, workshop summaries, reports, briefing materials, press releases, content for digital media in online and print format.
  • Research, write and edit technical reports of original research specifications, findings and conclusions for submission to administrative, legislative and regulatory review.
  • Prepare technical summaries of proposed, ongoing or concluded research projects and studies for circulation within and among scientific elements within the government.
  • Conducts advanced literature reviews and prepares reports, summaries and presentations on findings.
  • Assess proposed and ongoing programs, projects and studies and conduct literature reviews to support researchers and study staff inform, guide, validate, refute, etc. findings and conclusions.’Prepare summaries, reports, dashboards and presentations on results of literature reviews to researchers and staffs.
  • Creates and maintains databases of all research materials, literature reviews, and publications.
  • Compile and organize primary research data from research conducted and develop tabular and graphical representations of the data.
  • Use Reference Manager Software to place references into the text, with style and formatting appropriate for the journal.
  • Develops and edits official program management reports, official correspondence and audit reports.
  • Prepare letters, memoranda, reports, agendas, abstracts, protocols and laboratory announcements for internal distribution
  • Coordinate with senior executives to prepare outline and collect and assemble into annual reports.
  • Collect and assemble source materials into succinct response to research and operational audit requests.
  • Assist program and project managers draft and edit scientific documentation related to research and operational projects
  • Review and provide comment on the scientific and technical accuracy of a variety of reports, presentations and correspondence.
  • Review and provide edits to a variety of external communication and informational materials to ensure scientific and technical accuracy and completeness.
  • Provide scientific and technical writing expertise to assist researchers and staff prepare documentation.
  • Assist researchers develop scientific and technical documentation, providing insights, guidance and recommendations to improve products.
  • Advise researchers and staff on the appropriate type of documentation or informational materials to create based on needs and requirements.
  • Finalizes documents and prepares materials for publication.
  • Proofread all documents (drafts and final forms) for scientific and technical accuracy and completeness prior to submitting them for review and approval or acceptance.
  • Cross-check original and referenced data and verify cited content from source documents, and perform originality reviews or all scientific and technical writing.
  • Critically review draft documents, synthesize comments, and incorporate appropriate comments from other reviewers into successive drafts to prepare final documents.
  • Provides expert guidance, direction and support to executives in the development and distribution of scientific and technical written materials.
  • Provide expert advise for general health and science communications activities that involve content creation for health communication and outreach projects, scientific and technical publication, promotional materials and online events.
  • Design and implement a publications program that enhances development and dissemination of information about the
  • Institute’s research programs, activities and outcomes.
  • Mentors, coaches and trains writers, editors and staff on scientific and technical writing and editing practices and procedures.
  • Researchers, repackages and shares among research and operational staff best practices, tips, and practices for improving the quality and consistency of scientific and technical writing.

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