Although we truly like the customer service from all the corporate staff, we are extremely happy to have had many contractors with great personalities and work ethics, on time, easy to train due to their listening skills and willing to learn, and can work independently. Contemps corporate staff has always been resolve the few problems we have ever had, they seek feedback and listen to the feedback. Their work on determining and providing unused hours and made it possible to bring in 3 individuals to work on special projects for us.

Client with National Institute of Health, Office of Technology Transfer

We have to manage a portion of our office’s function through the use of long-term contracts. Though we have been lucky and had excellent staff, we know that if staff should leave (regardless of the reason) ConTemporaries will always provide us with an excellent replacement. The customer service eliminates some of the stresses of staffing transitions.

Client with National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director

We have been consistently pleased with our association with Contemporaries. Their personnel have been very responsive to our needs and the temporary employees they have provided have been excellent. Overall, we have had a very good experience with Contemporaries and we plan to continue calling them for our future temporary requirements.

Private Sector Client in Health Research Industry

Contemporaries has consistently been able to provide [our agency] with an adequate pool of candidates; prescreening for skill level and accomplishments. Management [in our department] has expressed confidence in the way the contractor provides quick response to the need for new or replacement applicants. The level of general knowledge and experience in the offered candidates is very good. Throughout the period of this contract, Contemporaries has been proactive and very efficient in handling concerns from [our office]. They have acted quickly to work with the employee to resolve these concerns when they arise. This temporary contract has enabled [our office] to continue to provide valuable service to our [customers] without interruption of services. The management of Contemporaries has always been helpful and accommodating and continues to refer only the most professional and efficient candidates possible.

Client from National Institutes of Health

I have worked with Contemporaries for several years and have found every aspect of their work to be excellent. They are always very reliable and responsive to all our needs. Contemporaries has consistently provided well-qualified and effective workers, as well as proactively monitoring work performance, and providing outstanding management of our contract. I greatly enjoy working with the folks at Contemporaries, and hope to continue working with them.

Federal Government Client, Information Technology

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