Straight Temporary To Permanent Placement (Temp to Hire)
The employee works under Contemporaries payroll for at least 20 weeks (800 hours). At this point the client has the option to either permanently hire the employee with no additional fees, or the client can continue the employee as a temporary employee.
20 Weeks (800 hours) = NO LIQUIDATION FEE
Buy Out Options
After 400 hours a liquidation fee of 15% of first year’s salary will be charged. For each additional 100 hours worked fee is reduced by 1% up to 800 hours.
Example: If the employee has worked 600 hours, then their fee will be 13% of their first year salary.
Permanent Placement (Direct Hire)
The client may choose to immediately hire the employee permanently for their company. If the employee has worked less than 8 weeks with the client the cost is 15-20% of the employee’s first year salary. (20% for Administrative employees & 15% for IT employees)
Contemporaries will extend a Replacement Guarantee on any candidate permanently placed within your organization that leaves without cause or is terminated for cause. If a suitable replacement is not found a refund will be extended providing payment had been received 15 days from the first day of employment.
30 Day Policy: A full refund will be extended

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