How do I place an order?

To request an employee please call our office and ask to speak to one of our staffing coordinators, or fax or e-mail a request to our office at or 301.565.0452.

What is Contemporaries role once the employee is placed?

To ensure the continued success of our employees, our staff will remain an active participant throughout the duration of the assignment. Unless otherwise instructed, we make weekly calls to the supervisor and perform periodic site visits. Our staff also manages time-tracking, remaining balances on contracts, and submits weekly invoices for payment.

Does Contemporaries have any special certifications?

Yes, Contemporaries is considered a small-women owned business by SBA guidelines. We are also a 2nd generation family, women owned and operated company.

How do you select your employees?

Contemporaries’ selection process is extensive. Our recruiters pre-screen candidates; conduct a comprehensive interview; test thoroughly on software/computer literacy, knowledge of office policy and procedure, grammar, spelling, and math skills; and options for professional etiquette are available.

Only employees with suitable skills and work experience, excellent work ethic and high motivation are placed with our clients. We conduct in office interviews to further our knowledge of what the employee is looking for.

Do offer any benefits to your employees?

Contemporaries provides the best benefits package in our industry. Employees working with our company may receive a major medical Health Insurance plan (including health, life, prescription and dental), paid holidays, accrued annual and sick leave, profit sharing, and performance based awards.

Do you offer any other services outside of staffing and placement of employees?

Yes. We understand that not every employer is in a position to hire or bring on staff. If you currently have employees that need some training, we offer several different online programs. Should you have the need to complete a background or drug screening, we have those capabilities. We also have the capabilities to put your staff on our payroll for tax, unemployment, and healthcare purposes. Contemporaries is trained in the new Affordable Care Act and can prepare  reports that fully complies with the new regulation.

For complete details on other services we provide, please click here.

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