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May 2022 Employee Awards Event

We presented our employees with the following awards on May 4.

Employee Awards:

Overachiever – $200
Nneka Oluigbo. Nneka is on assignment at the NIH’s Clinical Center.

Best Overall Attendance – Award valued at $1,000
George Blanco. George is on assignment at NCI Office of the Director.

Loyalty Award- 5 Years – $500
Janice Coyle
Janice has been with Contemporaries since 2013. She has been supporting the NIH’s Office of the Director for close to 9 years.

Judelle Campbell (not in attendance)
Judelle had her first contract position with Contemporaries in 2014 at NIH NIDCR as Administrative Support. She has since transitioned to a valued part of the team for the NIH Office of the Director.

Devans Eli
Devans started with Contemporaries in August of 2014. He has been in the same office at the NIH’s Office of the Director for almost 8 years now!

Hope Mabry
Hope’s first began her career with Contemporaries in September 2014 at the Office of the Director. As the years have gone on, Hope has grown professionally and now works at NIDCR as a Project Manager.

Priscilla Hutcherson
Priscilla has been with Contemporaries since 2015. She has been with the same office for over 7 years at NICHD.

Nasreen Jones
Nasreen has been a member of the Contemporaries team since August of 2016. She has worked on two assignments with us, but has worked with NHLBI since 2017.

Larissa East
Larissa has worked with Contemporaries since December 2017. She is an excellent team member at NHLBI!

Susana Pamudji (not in attendance)
Susie started with Contemporaries in November of 2017. She has worked on the same assignment with NHLBI.

Jessica Peterson
Jessica has been with Contemporaries since June of 2017. She has been supporting NHLBI for almost 5 years.

Mari Steele
Mari first began her career with Contemporaries in January of 2017. She continues to provide excellent support to NHLBI. Mari also just received a permanent offer at NHLBI to become a federal employee! We are so happy for her!

Alonzo Williams
Began 7 years ago, just one day after my birthday and unquestionably the best gift I could have received. Zo has recruited many of you & is the quiet strength and backbone of what we do.

Maddie Bohrer
Also 7 years ago first as an intern, then sales now HR. She is my memory and unquestionably the heart of our team

Craig Barger
Supported the NIH at NCI and Fogarty for 4 years before he left to Travel the world. When he returned to the states he began supporting us in-house and has been our Swiss Army knife ever since. Whatever you need Craig’s got you!

Decade of Dedication- $1,000
Phyllis Kornegay
Phyllis first started her career with Contemporaries in October 2012 as an Executive Assistant at the FDA. In 2013, she moved to NICHD where she has been providing executive support ever since. We are so grateful to have Phyllis on our team.  We congratulate Phyllis on her exceptional hard work for 10 years!

Brooke Bruch
Brooke is the longest employee we ever had in-house 12 years! She began in Recruiting, Sales, now BD & HR. She has literally been there done that with me thru surgery, babies, crazy co-workers, & earthquakes! When Brooke first started there was just 3 of us in the office. Though we have triple in size since she started she is still the rock we all lean on.

Vince DiCarlo
Vince is celebrating 11 years with us in June. He has done it all, he’s gone from making fliers for me as an intern to getting his masters and becoming my Right Hand in Operations. He’s the guy that makes sure we are all rowing in the same direction and more importantly makes sure you all get paid!

$1,000 Raffle for Attending Event 
Kalyani Mishra

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