people discussing and working in a pleasant office with many windowsBuilding a successful team means so much more than just finding a group of people with the right professional experience. Strong teams are a mix of many different characteristics, including strong communication, responsibility and accountability, diverse perspectives and a goal-oriented mindset. At the heart of all of it is an effective leader who provides clear direction and has a strong understanding of people and how to work with their strengths.

Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Building effective work teams takes effort, but there are a number of strategies leaders use to boost morale, make sure employees feel heard and valued and keep motivation strong. Here’s a look at just a few:

  • Clearly Defining Roles and Responsibilities: It sounds simple, but when everyone knows what his/her role is on the team, it saves a lot of headaches and potential arguments. People work together better when they understand their roles, less energy is wasted and tasks are completed with better efficiency.
  • Getting To Know Team Members: Taking the time to learn what makes each team member unique helps you define capabilities and strengths. You then have the knowledge to match areas of expertise to solve problems and come up with new solutions.
  • Providing Feedback and Support: Feedback is key to making sure your team is staying on track. It’s particularly important right now with so many people working from home and feeling isolated from the day-to-day routine of the office. Make sure that your feedback is proactive and constant and you back it up with the necessary support, such as professional development.
  • Acknowledging, Rewarding and Celebrating Successes: Things move so fast that it’s easy to forget to take a step back and celebrate all that your team has accomplished. Everyone wants to feel like they’re making a contribution and taking the time to pay attention to your team’s efforts goes a long way toward building trust and loyalty.

When it comes to building a successful team, a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work. Contemporaries understands the challenges when it comes to finding the right employees that will fit with your company’s mission and unique culture. When you work with us, we get to know your company and leadership style. Based on that knowledge, we find the types of workers that will integrate well within your organization. It’s a process that saves you valuable time and helps reduce costly turnover. Call Contemporaries today at 301-565-0445 to learn more.