As a premier Germantown temp agency, ConTemporaries, Inc. specializes in placing temporary employees in an array of private sector and government organizations.

Since 1991, we have maintained a vision of success in which you, one of our valued clients, remains the focus of our staffing solutions. Our employment counselors understand how to factor in staffing elements unique to individual business needs, resulting in high quality placements designed to enhance your company. We work with highly trained and qualified job seekers who are ready to put their assets to work for you.

What We Do

At ConTemporaries, Inc., we aim to serve Germantown with temp agency options that are flexible and dynamic. We take time to listen to our clients when they describe their individual needs or employee requirements. After an initial consultation, our staff members diligently search for an employee who will meet your business challenges head on and bring expert professionalism to the table. We also take pride in the services we offer people who are looking for temporary or permanent employment. By working with job seekers and helping them hone their skills, we are able to merge our services in a way that benefits both employers and employees looking for temp agencies in Germantown MD.

Government GSA Schedule

In addition to providing effective staffing solutions for the private sector, ConTemporaries holds a GSA Federal Government schedule. Over the years, we have come to understand the unique Germantown temp agency requirements associated with this type of staffing. Under our contract, we offer government-based temporary administrative options and have configured a portion of our services to address this area of temp employment more efficiently. Along with qualified personnel, we offer dedicated computer systems, comprehensive invoice processing and overall contract maintenance. The fact that our contracts are consistently renewed speaks volumes about our ability to place employees in sensitive government positions.

Our experience and focus on customer service makes us the leading Germantown temp agency in MD. Whether you need short-term, long-term or permanent placements, contact us today to learn how we can help your business continue to thrive.

All interviews are conducted in our Silver Spring Office. Please call for details.

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