It’s exciting to see your company’s profits and revenues grow over time and know your business is performing at its best. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill of success, it’s important to remember who got you there in the first place – your employees. A people-centric approach to business increases morale, improves motivation, and ensures everyone is focused on the same goals.

A “people over profit” business model is what Contemporaries was founded on. Our mission is to help Washington area companies find the best employees to foster continued growth. And by “best”, we not only focus on experience and qualifications, but also look at what employees are an ideal fit for your workplace environment. When we work with our clients, one of the first questions we ask is, “what is your company’s culture?” It’s a great measure to determine who’s right for the job – and who isn’t.

It’s challenging to hire someone to fit your company’s culture if you don’t have a definition of what that culture is. When we work with you, our job is to help you define what makes your company unique and what types of employees will thrive. The ultimate goal is to find employees (temporary or permanent) that are a good fit. The results are a decrease in job turnover and an increase in job satisfaction. Here are four categories to consider when defining your company’s culture:

  • Workplace ethics: How do you communicate with your staff? How are decisions made? Does your business adhere to immediate and strict deadlines or do employees have more flexibility as to when tasks are due?
  • Opportunities and advancement: What types of employees tend to excel and what opportunities and rewards are available to those people? If someone is not performing well, how do you handle it?
  • Atmosphere: What is the dress code? What is the work environment like? Is it a more casual office or formal?
  • Hours and work commitment: How many hours are employees expected to work each week? Is flexible scheduling available?

By working with you to identify your company’s culture, our employment agency can help you define exactly what you’re looking for when you hire new employees, whether temporary or permanent. Each job description can then go beyond the basic requirements of the position and the interview process becomes even more focused. The results are workers who integrate well into your office and have an immediate impact on productivity. Call Contemporaries at 301-565-0445 and let’s discuss your needs for staffing in the Washington DC Area.