five-star performance review graphicPerformance reviews are key to offering helpful feedback to both a manager and employee. But all too often, they’re not nearly as effective as they could be for a variety of reasons. The process is rushed because of deadlines and the sheer volume of employees to review. Written comments are too vague and an employee is left confused. The list goes on and on.

One of advantages of partnering with Contemporaries is that we take the pressure of performance reviews off your plate. We hear from all sides on how a contract employee is doing in a position and then make any improvements based on feedback. Our goal is to always ensure the position is a good fit for a contract worker and that your office is receiving the support you need. Performance reviews are an important component and help us see the entire picture. Our comprehensive process ensures that all sides are included and we set up meetings to recap and make sure everyone is on the same page.

We all need constructive criticism whether it’s the contract employee, the office or us. That’s why performance reviews are such a valuable part of our process. Give us a call at 301-565-0445 for more information.