men in plaid shirts discussing over  desk holding pens, paper, clipboardAfter the events and changes over the last year, you and your team may be feeling overwhelmed. Now may be the ideal time to bring in additional help to get everything accomplished on your “to do” list. However, your needs are specific and you don’t have time to train someone who doesn’t have the right experience. Working with Contemporaries puts those worries to rest.  We specialize in matching the right contract employee for specific projects. Since we’re located in the Washington DC area, we understand the unique challenges facing the federal government and the necessity of a specific skill and knowledge base.

Working with the right firm, like Contemporaries, is essential when it comes to finding the most qualified contract employees. Employees stay longer and work more effectively. You avoid the pitfalls of training new people over and over again. Since our people already have the necessary experience, they can provide immediate assistance and a long-term solution. Call us at 301-565-0445 to discuss your needs and we’ll find the best-qualified workers to make 2021 a little less stressful.