Retiring employeesWith summer right around the corner and more and more people being fully vaccinated, you may have a number of team members ready to use vacation time. Or perhaps you have one or more people headed out on long-term leave or even retirement. Whatever your situation, Contemporaries understands that you have specific hiring needs and you require unique solutions to solve them. Whether your needs are for a specific period of time or you’re interested in eventually hiring full-time, we have a vast number of experienced contract employees ready to jump in and keep your department moving forward. Contemporaries is here to help you with job placement in the Washington DC area.

After the events of the last year, you might consider bringing in contract employees for a variety of reasons. They can help with a new project for a short or long period of time, assist your staff if they’re feeling overloaded or trying to play catch-up or you might want to utilize money left in your budget, rather than losing it.

Perhaps you’re interested in hiring someone as a full-time employee. In this case, you’re looking for someone with a strong depth of experience and commitment well into the future. While you work through the hiring process, the prospective employee can begin work under Contemporaries almost immediately. That way, no time is wasted waiting for them to become a federal employee. Interested in learning more? Call us at 301-565-0445 to discuss your needs for the short or long-term.