Yemi Oladiran

Kadijat ”Yemi” Oladiran is a Nigerian-American who is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Uganda 2012-2014) with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration and Master’s of Public Health in Global Health. She hopes to combine her degrees and experiences in search for both administrative and managerial positions in the health profession. Yemi has a multifaceted working experience in various aspects of Public Health that she can bring to your organization. In addition to her health profession career, she also possesses experience as an event planner. In her free time, Yemi enjoys cooking, exploring, traveling, reading, and hiking.

Vernona Brevard

Vernona Brevard is an administrative services professional with over 38 years of experience in the federal and private sectors. She is proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, has a bubbly personality, and excellent customer service skills. Vernona will accept short and long-term assignments in which she can apply the knowledge she already has in addition to her ability to learn quickly.

Ideas & Ongoings