"ALL STAR" in red letteringEach and every day new job seekers come into our office and meet with our recruiters. They may have applied online, been referred to us from an existing employee or met us at a job fair. These bright candidates are now available to move your organization forward this fall. If you or someone you know might be interested in drafting one of these All-Stars for your team please contact our office at 301-565-0445 or maddie@contemps.com!

Sarah S.

Sarah S.Sarah is an HR professional with years of experience in the Human Resources field. She is well versed in employee management, recruitment and other aspects of that field. She left her career in Human Resources to better her commute for her family. She is currently working in a position that she is successful in but she is adamant about finding her way back to her passion.


She was a joy to interview and made the interview process fun. Notable characteristics of Sarah would include her precision – she answered questions quickly and efficiently. She is also professional, holding herself to high standards and seeking the same for her team members and company. She takes on conflict head-on and works swiftly to find solutions, which is a great characteristic for any Human Resources professional.

Sarah A.

Sarah A.Sarah recently moved to the area from Wisconsin.  She was working in a project management, program management and customer service style position. She has decided to relocate to the DC metro area in hopes of making a new company her home. In previous positions, she was a main point of contact for customers, vendors and staff members.


Sarah has great communication skills that allow her to interact well with many walks of life. She is very friendly and compassionate. She was punctual to our office and made sure to complete all the tasks required of her efficiently. She aspires to find another opportunity where she is able to speak with many people, be physically active rather than sitting most of the day and really improve her administrative services skills. She enjoys coordinating, program management, executive assisting, and anything related.

Samika J.

Samika J.Samika is an excellent candidate for any position under the Administrative umbrella. She is as professional as they come. She brings a ton of energy that is sure to motivate an entire office.

Upon arrival to our office, she greeted everyone and was very excited to be interviewing with us. She didn’t show any signs of being nervous or timid. She answered all of our questions in detail and provided examples of her work ethic.

Samika has been working in the medical field for some time now and would like the opportunity to expand her experience. She possesses a ton of transferable skills that will make her successful in the Administrative field outside of a medical environment.