"ALL STAR" in red letteringEach and every day new job seekers come into our office and meet with our recruiters. They may have applied online, been referred to us from an existing employee or met us at a job fair. These bright candidates are now available to move your organization forward this fall. If you or someone you know might be interested in drafting one of these All-Stars for your team please contact our office at 301-565-0445 or maddie@contemps.com!

Amanda W.

Amanda is a college graduate with a degree in Communications. Her communication skills were more than obvious when she came to visit our office. She made a point to cheerfully greet everyone and her personality left everyone with a great feeling in general, but an even better feeling about Amanda’s future. Amanda displayed a very professional appearance, attitude, and drive. She has significant experience in administrative roles, calendar management, and customer service. She has also worked in Circuit Court systems and Universities.

The combination of her attitude and office skills made it clear that she would have a positive impact on any environment. She is well-rounded and prepared to put forth all of her effort into her next role. If you are looking for someone that will market your business in a great light, she would be the perfect representation.

Gwendolyn C.

Gwendolyn is a very experienced Executive Assistant with significant experience in the medical field. She has worn many hats and held many responsibilities that are essential for the successful functions of her current work environment.

Gwendolyn is a jack of all trades. She is able to perform in roles such as calendar or schedule management, document management, communications, moderating meetings, and other related functions. It was very clear that she holds herself to a high professional standard by the way she confidently spoke about her skills and intentions.  Gwendolyn demonstrated grit and determination while also displaying her captivating personality and positive spirit. She would be a true asset to any team.

Christine P.

Christine is looking to gain administrative experience and begin to reach her career goals. She is a recent college grad who has a passion for the arts, but is also seeking the opportunities to gain office experience. She has a passion for learning, experiencing, and making a difference.

We found that Christine was very open-minded to any opportunities related to the Administrative and Clerical fields. She is familiar with many tools such as Microsoft Office, Adobe programs, and social media platforms of all kinds. She is not limited to administrative positions as she also has experience related to event management, community outreach, and marketing. Christine would excel in an entry level position that provides an opportunity to gain experience and allows her to use her dynamic personality and multitude of skills.