"ALL STAR" in red letteringThis late summer edition focuses on productive people who can help make your end of year commitments. If you or someone you know might be interested in drafting one of these All-Stars for your team please contact our office at 301-565-0445 or maddie@contemps.com!




Mark O.

Mark O.Mark is a former mathematics and statistics high school teacher who recently moved to the Washington, D.C. area. He is ethical, open-minded, and outgoing, and is aiming to make a big impact in his next position.

As a teacher for 11 years, Mark learned excellent project management and organizational skills. These skills, in combination with his personality, will be an excellent resource for any organization that gives him an opportunity.
Mark’s ideal position would be to support a team using his analytical background and strong understanding of math to help an organization achieve its mission.
Throughout his career, Mark has helped guide countless students to a better understanding of the math and sciences. Moving forward, he would like to take those same skills and grow with a new position. His move from South Carolina is his opportunity do something different and he is capitalizing on that.


Abby L.

Abby L.

Abby is a recent college grad from Purdue University. She’s been working in the Health/Admin field for the majority of this year since graduating in January.

Abby is currently looking for a position that will provide growth and allow her the skills necessary to truly start on her career path. Though she has a degree in Health Science, she really feels that she would make great strides in any administrative position that would allow her to gain more responsibility, teach her how to navigate all administrative environments, and join a team that is supportive.

Abby is cultured, open-minded, and genuine. From her experiences outside of the country and in past customer service roles, she has gained the necessary skills to properly communicate and interact with anyone, at any level. Abby is kind-hearted, down-to-earth, and will make a difference to a company looking to pass on their values to a new member.


Robert L.

Robert L.Robert is a management professional, looking to make a shift out of the retail arena. He is looking to provide support in an administrative position.

Mark has spent a significant amount of time working for a large retail company. He takes pride in customer service, overall customer satisfaction, and company values. Robert is a key player leading the charge for the success of the company.

At this point in his career, he is seeking change, looking for the potential opportunity to ascend to new management heights. Coupled with his strong background in customer service, he has prior knowledge of administrative responsibilities and skills. He has an advanced, and almost expert knowledge of necessary office tools such as Microsoft Office software. Robert also uses his free time to improve his skills.

Robert is the kind of candidate that you don’t have to train more than once on any particular skill. He absorbs all the lessons given to him and makes sure to practice his craft to truly master it. Robert is the kind of employee you hope your customers seek for assistance, your staff learns from, and you keep around for the long haul.