"ALL STAR" in red letteringEach and every day new job seekers come into our office and meet with our recruiters. They may have applied online, been referred to us from an existing employee or met us at a job fair. These bright candidates are now available to move your organization forward into 2019. If you or someone you know might be interested in drafting one of these All-Stars for your team please contact our office at 301-565-0445 or maddie@contemps.com!

Dominique P.

Dominique P.Dominique has been working in the higher education field for the majority of her career, in an administrative role. She handles multiple responsibilities on a daily basis that are both inside and outside of her scope. She has been an essential part of her team, but she has now reached the peak in her job and is seeking other opportunities that will allow her to better her skills, grow, and make an impact.

Dominique would thrive in a logistics, executive assistant, administrative services, or related position. She has a genuinely warm personality, a strong work ethic, and is very loyal to her team and work. She takes pride in what she does and it will show in her next role at your company.

Tondrea S.

Tondrea S.Tondrea is an easy-going professional with a number of years of experience in the Administrative field. She has spent 18 years learning and growing in the field, and is now looking for the opportunity to expand her opportunity.

Tondrea possesses a bachelors degree and looks to use her education to better an organization. She would be a great in a management role or a position that requires leadership. In her next position, she hopes to have open communication with her team and management. She is a people person, a problem solver, and always delivers results.

Camilla M.

Camilla M.Camilla has been a Senior Rehabilitation Specialist/Analyst for roughly 17 years. She has spent her time assisting clients within the compensation division. She oversees more than 25 cases daily, does assessments, sourcing for clients, case planning, trauma response, and many other functions of her company. During her time in her current position, she has managed to complete her education and multiple certifications.

Camilla currently possesses her MBA, Master of Science in Health Care Administration, CDMS, CCTP, and she is a Certified Workers Compensation Rehabilitation Provider. She is now seeking the opportunity to further her career in a Health-related position, or a position that will allow her to use her education and experience. She would be a great candidate in a management position. She has the ability to organize multiple objectives at once, communicates great with any level of professional, and is genuinely driven to succeed. She exudes leadership and drive, and any company would be fortunate to have her on their team.