"ALL STAR" in red letteringEach and every day new job seekers come into our office and meet with our recruiters. They may have applied online, been referred to us from an existing employee or met us at a job fair. These bright candidates are now available to move your organization forward into 2019. If you or someone you know might be interested in drafting one of these All-Stars for your team please contact our office at 301-565-0445 or maddie@contemps.com!

Patty V.

Patty V.Patty is an extremely experienced candidate. She was a Chief of Staff for over 10 years to a Montgomery County Council member that termed out. With her enormous knowledge of Montgomery County government she would be an asset to any organization tasked with interfacing with government officials regularly. She proved to be extremely effective and successful in her work.

Patty has a warm personality and excellent communication skills. She has experience in managing teams, community outreach, budgeting, managing a budget, advising, and leading. She is a team builder looking for the next step in her vast career.

Karen S.

Karen S.Karen is the employee you can count on. She is the person who can manage many different tasks, position titles, and responsibilities. Most of her experience is related to administration, project management, and staff support. She specializes in calendar management, executive support, and communication.

Karen has had an extensive career working with the YMCA, where she managed the metro region. Her responsibilities included managing people, vendors, and any other points of contact that were involved in her programs. She has a genuine and big personality. She is inviting, personable, bubbly, and energetic. Her kind and vibrant personality, allows her to work in any space, be the face of a company, and positively affect everyone she comes in contact with.

Bridget K.

Bridget K.Bridget is a seasoned professional with years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketing whiz, and creative professional. Her forte is sorting through and organizing projects to be completed.

Bridget is sharp, direct and diligent. She is skilled at navigating bureaucracy and getting the job done. Bridget is very analytical, while at the same time being a creative, out-of-the-box thinker. She is gifted at project management, sales, marketing, and promotions but also open to new and interesting opportunities. While she is drawn to non-profits, she would also be interested in a for-profit opportunity where there is a clearly defined and compelling mission.