man with a clipboard looking at red bins on a shelf in a warehouseAfter all of the chaos and uncertainty of the last year, you may finally be at a point where you’re ready to hire again. While it’s encouraging to be able to grow your team, getting started with the hiring process can feel overwhelming with everything else you have going on. Everyone wants to hire the best employees possible, but finding the right person for a particular job requires an effective strategy. The first step in that strategy is a well-crafted, realistic job description that best suits the position and your firm’s culture. Fortunately, partnering with Contemporaries makes it easier, more efficient and more cost effective to find the right employees.

Many companies make the mistake of using generic and broad descriptions for a position. That’s why hiring managers can receive tons of resumes, but none of them seem quite right. At Contemporaries, finding, interviewing and hiring well-qualified candidates is the backbone of our business. We get to know your firm’s unique needs. Our first step is to talk about what makes your business special and what types of employees thrive in your environment. Here are a few of the questions you can expect from us:

  • What are your company’s goals within the next 5 years?
  • What are your plans for new products and/or growth?
  • What gets you most excited about the company’s future?
  • What are the biggest opportunities facing the company right now? What are the challenges?
  • How would you define your company’s culture?
  • How has the company changed since you started working here?
  • How would you describe the work environment within your company? Is the work typically collaborative or more independent? Is there an open door policy?
  • Do you have a dress code?
  • How long has the longest person been at your company? The shortest?
  • What is your attrition rate for the organization?

After we get to know your organization as it looks today and where it’s headed in the future, we then craft a realistic job description that best suits the position and your particular culture.

The prospect of bringing on new employees is exciting, but making the wrong hiring choice is costly in terms of both time and money. When you work with Contemporaries, you alleviate the stress of finding the right employees. Call us at 301-565-0445 and we’ll help you find the best staff for your open positions.