Overworked white collar working crying out for helpSmartphones, tablets, voicemail, and email are just a few of the tools designed to make life at the office more efficient and help managers be more self-sufficient. But are all the advancements in technology really helping or are they just adding another layer of work to an already full plate? Many managers easily get bogged down in the day-to-day of keeping up with administrative tasks, taking valuable time away from bigger picture goals. The solution is often an experienced administrative assistant to help streamline and organize daily tasks and keep the office running smoothly. Contemporaries can help you find the perfect administrative services professional based on your specific criteria to help lessen the load.

What exactly does an administrative assistant do? The answer is varied, but typically, the job entails performing routine clerical and organizational tasks, including:

  • Organizing files
  • Drafting messages
  • Scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements
  • Route and distribute incoming mail and email
  • Answer routine email
  • Create spreadsheets, presentations, and documents
  • Maintain databases
  • Complete expense reports
  • Answer phones

It’s essential that today’s administrative professional be computer savvy. Knowledge of programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel is essential. Assistants who know how to perform tasks such as running virtual meetings, creating PowerPoint presentations, and manage a company’s social media presence provide additional benefits.

In addition to technical knowledge, one of the key characteristics of a successful assistant is attention to detail. Assistants juggle a multitude of tasks and schedules and must have a keen eye for little details, particularly if they are supporting more than one manager. Discretion is also important since they will be responsible for your time and activities, as well as potentially have access to personal information.

How Can An Administrative Assistant Help Your Business? Successful businesses often rely heavily on experienced administrative assistants. An assistant plays a critical role as the face of a company’s culture. After all, they’re the “gatekeeper” to a manager or entire department. A polished, organized assistant with excellent communication and people skills adds a level of professionalism to a business, in addition to helping the office run efficiently. Administrative professionals also:

  • Boost productivity by handling day-to-day tasks, enabling you to focus on your top priorities.
  • Act as point person for the office, answering questions and organizing office duties, eliminating interruptions for you throughout the day.
  • Help manage priorities, schedules, and meetings to help you stay on task. Many assistants also help prepare for meetings, so they move quickly and more efficiently.

The best administrative professionals don’t just play a “supportive” role, but add value that makes them an essential part of an organization’s success.

Give us a call. If day-to-day administrative tasks are eating up too much of your time and taking you away from bigger picture priorities, Contemporaries can help. We’ll work closely with you to determine your needs and goals for administrative help and find the right fit for the position.