You started with an innovative idea and turned that idea into a start-up. However, your resources are scarce, you have very little time, and even less money. Entrepreneurs face a great deal of stress when it comes to starting and running a business. Add to that the pressure (and cost) of recruiting and training full-time employees and your “to-do list” can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, temporary employees are an ideal solution. When it feels like the day-to-day duties of running your business are taking you away from more strategic work or focusing on your clients, temporary workers can take care of the details you don’t have time to deal with. Here are a few advantages of hiring temporary help for your business:

  • Saves time: The staffing agency recruits and trains workers based on your specific needs and projects.
  • Saves money: The staffing agency also handles and covers benefits, payroll, and worker’s compensation.
  • Helps find potential new hires: Do you have a talented temporary staff member who is really adding value to your business? With temporary employees, you have the inside track into finding potential new hires without the hassles of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.
  • Reduces risk to your business: Farming out work to outside consultants and contractors can sometimes result in them taking business away from you. With temporary employees, you maintain control of the work (and keep your clients!) by keeping duties in-house and under your direction.
  • Gets you through the busy season: Do you have a major new client or a large order to fill? Temporary workers are an ideal way to fulfill staffing needs until the permanent level of business activity is determined.

Once you determine a need for temporary workers, developing a relationship with a trusted staffing agency is key. Let the agency know your specific needs, jobs that need to be filled and the training involved, as well as the qualifications you’re seeking. It’s also important to educate the staffing agency about your company’s culture, so they can find workers that will be the best fit.

From clerical and administrative work to creative and technical assignments, temporary workers can be the saving grace for harried entrepreneurs looking to lighten their workload and the stresses on their full-time staff. Call Contemporaries and we can help you find qualified professionals that can help you and your business.