Each and every day new job seekers come into our office and meet with our recruiters. They may have applied online, been referred to us from an existing employee or met us at a job fair. We will feature a monthly Candidate All-Star Draft campaign specifically for our corporate clients – This is the first! The candidates listed below are the best and brightest of the individuals we met this month. If you or someone you know might be interested in drafting one of these All-Stars for job placement on your team please contact our office at 301-565-0445 or brooke@contemps.com!

Alaina Ferguson

Alaina is as motivated and sharp as they come. Her combined education and experience make her a vastly appealing candidate to a wide variety of industries. Her innate professionalism, in appearance, attitude, and quality of work, allows her to excel in many work environments.  She recently completed her Master of Arts degree in International Security and possesses a degree in International Studies. She is a Native English speaker but she is capable of speaking and writing in both Japanese and French. She has held many positions and internships in the Research field while competing her education, and she is an excellent writer, supported by her stellar performance on our in-house testing. While she is seeking opportunities to keep her security clearance active, she is open to any opportunity that would allow her to develop professionally as an asset to any organization.


Hiba Joehar

Hiba is a young professional seeking an opportunity to exercise the skills that she has gained from her education and work experience. She possesses extensive marketing competencies and she is able to creatively think outside of the box. She has demonstrated experience in developing effective marketing strategies. Hiba is well spoken, clear, concise, and approachable, excellent communication skills that she gained from her experience in public relations. Additionally, she has sales experience as an Account Manager at CBS. She is seeking further opportunities to expand upon her diverse experience, and ultimately would like the opportunity to grow within an organization.


Susan Marshall

Susan is an experienced professional with a number of years in federal positions. She currently holds the position of Executive Director, where she has been for over 6 years with the Department of Treasury. Her knowledge and experience allows her to resolve issues, identify opportunities, foresee potential areas of concern, and make calculated, managerial decisions. She is organized, detail oriented, focused, and familiar with the inner workings of the government and of large private sector businesses. Her professional demeanor, in conjunction with her proven experience, make Susan an asset within many different organizational departments, across all organizational levels.