New graduates searching for that elusive first job can face a number of challenges, from lack of “real world experience” to competing against a large pool of applicants. Older workers who want to re-enter the workforce after retirement also experience their own unique challenges. In the Washington, DC region, federal government work is an attractive option with lots of possibilities. But how do you get your foot in the door – or back in the door? For those who have sent out countless resumes without a response, it can seem like there are a multitude of roadblocks.


Contemporaries employment agency is ready to help with a variety of contract positions throughout the area. If you have a friend, son or daughter who is a recent graduate interested in working for the federal government, contract positions are ideal way to gain experience, enhance a resume, and can lead to permanent placement. And if you know a retiree looking to reenter the workforce, we have a wide variety of positions that would benefit from their vast experience. Tell your contacts to give us a call today – We may be able to help them find the right fit!