Whether you’re just starting out in the job market or are interested in reentering the workforce post-retirement, searching for a job can be a challenge and feel like a full-time career on its own. Contemporaries is ready to help alleviate the roadblocks no matter where you are in your career, offering staffing solutions throughout the Washington, D.C. region. Here’s some advice for those new to the job market and the seasoned retiree ready to go back to work:

Getting Started – New Graduates Entering the Workforce

You’ve worked hard throughout school and graduation is behind you. Now, the challenge of finding your first job is upon you. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Create a competitive resume and cover letter: It sounds obvious, but a well-crafted (and mistake-free) resume and cover letter can mean the difference between landing an interview and your resume landing in the garbage. Be sure to target your resume for the specific field and industry you’re applying to and differentiate yourself through any relevant experience (internships, part-time employment, etc).
  • Network with family, friends, and acquaintances: Keeping in touch with your network can uncover unadvertised job listings and get people you know to recommend you to employers looking for entry-level candidates.
  • Consider temporary work: If you’re looking to build experience and get your foot in the door, temporary assignments are an ideal way to achieve both. Contemporaries can help with private and federal sector assignments throughout the DC region. Your big opportunity may be waiting!

Working Beyond Retirement – Tips for Reentering the Workforce

In the past, many American workers spent the majority of their career at one company and retired with a plaque and a pension. Times have changed and many retirees are interested in returning to the workforce, whether for financial reasons, to fulfill new dreams, or simply to keep busy and feel productive. Here are three tips to help with employment after retirement:

  • Highlight your professional and real-world experience: Be sure to make the most of both your work-related and life skill experiences when updating your resume or interviewing for a job. Play up the strengths that result from having more years experience under your belt.
  • Add value to your company in other ways: If you’re interested in staying or returning to your former company after retirement, find new ways to contribute to the organization outside of your former day-to-day tasks (ie – offer to train new hires or start a mentorship program).
  • Consider part-time or temporary work: For those not ready to completely stop working, part-time employment may be an ideal solution. Contemporaries has a wide variety of temporary jobs within the Washington, DC area in both the private and federal sectors.

If you’re looking for your first job or your new opportunity after retirement, call Contemporaries. We offer a variety of opportunities for temporary employees, temporary to permanent, permanent, and long-term contract employees throughout the Washington, DC region.