At the beginning of a new project, the amount of work and planning can seem overwhelming. There are a vast number of tasks that not only need to be completed, but completed at the right time and in the right order. Particularly for small businesses, it can be a daunting process trying to organize and assign duties without the benefit of a seasoned project manager. They’re the “go to” person who lead the project team, keep the process running smoothly and efficiently, and deliver a high quality final product. It’s a detail-oriented position with major benefits: a solid plan, an organized workforce, a timely flow of work and deadlines, and, ultimately, a satisfied customer.

If you feel you’re missing the benefits of a project manager on an upcoming project, an experienced temporary manager can offer just the solution. A temporary project manager can work on the various phases of the project lifecycle, whether you need assistance with one or all five, including:

  • Project Initiation: help with the Business Case Document and Feasibility Study to determine the need for the project, timeline, costs, and estimated financial benefits.
  • Project Planning: determine the plan to guide the project team and keep them on time and on budget.
  • Project Execution: build deliverables and keep team members focused on their tasks.
  • Project Monitoring and Control: continued vigilance and monitoring to keep the project moving smoothly.
  • Project Closure: deliver the finished project, communicate completion, and evaluate and document the project.

Since there are so many components to project management, it’s essential that you find the right person with the right skills to take on the challenge. Of course, strong leadership skills are crucial. You want someone who can make tough decisions, as well as handle pressure with a calm, positive approach. You also want someone who can inspire and motivate the project team. Here are a few other essential skills to look for in a project manager:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Time Management Ability
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Problem Solving Skills

Taking on a new project can be a huge undertaking, but with a skilled, experienced project manager at the wheel, navigating the beginning of a project until completion can run much smoother. Contemporaries is ready to help your firm find the best fit for your project management needs. Call us and let’s get started!