A new year is upon us and it seems like you’ve barely had a chance to take a breath before it’s time to think about tax season. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to be more proactive and organized for the coming season, so your employees – and you – don’t experience the burnout that comes from long hours and an ever-increasing workload. But you may not have the budget to hire additional staff, especially workers who may not be needed after tax season ends. Specialized temporary workers can provide both accounting and accounts receivable assistance without the need for excessive training. They can begin helping right away and make sure you get 2018 off to an efficient and organized start!

Accounting Help Before Crunch Time Arrives

There’s no doubt you’ve witnessed the extreme stress your accounting staff deals with as tax season approaches. Bringing in temporary help earlier rather than later can help ease their workload. Here’s a few ways they can help:

  • Help with managing tax files, ensuring all necessary documents are included
  • Support with customer service, both inbound and outbound calls
  • Assistance with data entry, document scanning, and other administrative duties

Some firms hire temporary workers to do actual tax work. Retired accountants can be an ideal choice if you’re looking for someone with hands-on tax experience. Contemporaries can assist with finding the best fit for your company’s needs.

Accounts Receivable Assistance

Accounts receivable provides the clearest indicator of your business’s income and is the lifeblood of your cash flow. Effective management is very important to help increase revenue for your business. However, accounts receivable management is a time consuming process that often requires a lot of follow up once an initial invoice is sent. Small businesses in particular can find accounts receivable duties overwhelming. Whether you have an accounts receivable manager or find that you’re handling most of it yourself (or passing it off to your already busy staff), temporary staff can provide the assistance you need. Here’s how they can help:

  • Assist with preparing bills and invoices and send to clients
  • Audit ledgers to ensure they contain correct information, such as billing addresses and invoice number
  • Track payments and record them once received
  • Provide customer service support to check on status of payments
  • Make outbound collection calls to customers if needed

Whatever the task, you may find that experienced, professional temporary assistance helps you get through tax season with fewer gray hairs and happier workers. Call Contemporaries at 301-565-0445 and let’s discuss your temporary employment needs for the upcoming tax season.