Contemporaries has a large pool of experienced, organized temporary workers who can help you with project close out and ensure a smooth transition for your next big undertaking!

It’s always cause for celebration after a project is complete. After the chaos and long hours leading up to a product delivery or launch, a brief moment of relief is customary – followed by thoughts about the next big project that’s coming down the line. But before you raise your glass and start thinking about the future, ask yourself if you’ve followed through on the various steps necessary to close out your last project. A lot of attention is given to how to start and run a successful project, but the close out process is often ignored. After all, a problem-free implementation means there’s no cause to worry, right? That’s not always the case, as key activities still need to take place. Here are five that will ensure proper project closure:

  • Make sure pertinent documents and deliverables have been signed off by the customer
  • Get a final signoff on project implementation by the customer
  • Conduct a meeting with the customer and project team to determine lessons learned
  • Ensure tech support has the necessary information to support the client, if applicable
  • Keep in touch with the customer post project to ensure a smooth transition

One of the primary reasons why projects are not closed out properly and loose ends still remain is a lack of available workers. After a project ends, it’s typical to start assigning resources to your next project and ramping up your employees to hit the ground running. A skilled temporary worker can be instrumental in organizing the final tasks involved in closing out a project in a timely manner. There are quite a few administrative tasks that need to happen, such as:

  • Sending out a final status report
  • Gathering feedback from the project team on their experiences and lessons learned to help with future projects
  • Asking for final payment and ensuring receipt
  • Making sure all time sheets are approved
  • Planning an activity or purchasing gifts for the project team as a reward for a job well-done

Once a project is complete, the process of tying up loose ends can seem like an after-thought. However, ignoring the final steps can cost your company money and jeopardize the post project follow-through with your customers.

Contemporaries is an employment agency in Washington DC with both permanent staffing solutions and temporary employment solutions. We have a large pool of experienced, organized workers who can help you with project close out and ensure a smooth transition for your next big undertaking! Give us a call when you have permanent or temporary staffing needs.