Finding The Best Employees To Fit Your Company’s Culture

It’s exciting to see your company’s profits and revenues grow over time and know your business is performing at its best. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill of success, it’s [...]

Federal Focus: Keeping Your Office Running Well

When you’re consumed with projects and deadlines, it can be easy to forget what keeps your office running so well in the first place – your employees. A people-centric office that focuses on the [...]

Getting A Jump Start On Tax Season – How Temporary Workers Can Help

A new year is upon us and it seems like you’ve barely had a chance to take a breath before it’s time to think about tax season. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to be more proactive and organized [...]

Federal Focus: Professional Contract Workers With Expertise

From planning to oversight to follow-through, the work involved with contracts can feel overwhelming at times. If you feel like your staff is overloaded and could use assistance, a contract [...]

New Graduates and Working Beyond Retirement

Whether you’re just starting out in the job market or are interested in reentering the workforce post-retirement, searching for a job can be a challenge and feel like a full-time career on its [...]

Federal Focus: Recent Graduates and Retirees – Ready to Join the Workforce!

New graduates searching for that elusive first job can face a number of challenges, from lack of “real world experience” to competing against a large pool of applicants. Older workers who want to [...]

Assistance With Permanent Placements

Congratulations! Your business is growing and you’re looking for permanent staffing solutions. You’re ready to hire a new employee (or maybe a few). But with your day-to-day workload, as [...]

Temporary Help for Entrepreneurs

You started with an innovative idea and turned that idea into a start-up. However, your resources are scarce, you have very little time, and even less money. Entrepreneurs face a great deal of [...]

Federal Focus – Hiring For A Specific Period of Time

At Contemporaries, we understand that you have unique needs when it comes to contract employees and require unique solutions to solve them. Whether your needs are short term temp jobs or you’re [...]

How an HR Assistant Can Help You Find The Right Permanent Employee

As your business grows and thrives, the natural outcome is hiring new employees. It’s an exciting prospect to bring in new workers to increase productivity, take on new projects, and move your [...]

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