Need Help With A Government Contract?

Congratulations! You’ve won a government contract after what seems like ages of work, back and forth, and waiting. But after you have the contract in hand, what are the next steps? To ensure [...]

Federal Focus: Scientific & Research Expertise

Many government agencies look to staffing firms for administrative assistance when a big project becomes overwhelming for their workers. But did you know that Contemporaries can also provide [...]

Federal Focus: Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Personnel

Recruiting and retaining qualified personnel is one of the most important workforce issues for many government agencies. The often-specialized nature of the work, along with the qualifications [...]

Federal Focus: Are You Reaching Your WOSB Goals?

The business owner landscape has changed substantially over the last 20+ years. Women are starting more businesses, employing more workers, and generating more revenue than ever before. In 1994, [...]

All-Star Candidates

Each and every day new job seekers come into our office and meet with our recruiters. They may have applied online, been referred to us from an existing employee or met us at a job fair. The [...]

Federal Focus: Recent Graduates and Retirees – Ready to Join the Workforce!

New graduates searching for that elusive first job can face a number of challenges, from lack of “real world experience” to competing against a large pool of applicants. Older workers who want to [...]

Federal Focus – Money Left In End-of-Year Budget

The end of the federal year is fast approaching and you still have a lot to get through on your “to do” list. If you have money remaining in your budget, now may be just the right time to bring [...]

Federal Focus – Contract Closeout

The work is done and the contract has ended, but the process isn’t over. There is a difference between a “completed” contract and a “closed” one. Finding the time and workforce necessary to [...]

Keeping It Organized: The Benefits Of A Project Manager

At the beginning of a new project, the amount of work and planning can seem overwhelming. There are a vast number of tasks that not only need to be completed, but completed at the right time and [...]

Federal Focus – Project Management In The Government

Skilled project managers are important in every industry, but they’re increasingly sought-after by government agencies. While government project management shares some similarities with the [...]

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